Renault Daro

Mixed Media Western Art

I was born two days before the Normandy Invasion of World War II. During the war, my father was employed by the government to make detailed scale models of ships. On the strength of this skill, he was recruited as a miniatures/special effects model maker by the motion picture industry. During college years and in my 20’s I also worked in the studios, primarily at Republic studios.

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At age nine, my family purchased a small historic ranch property in Malibu, California. We were one of the earliest growing yards specializing in coastal redwoods.

My sensibilities are directly derivative of a love of trees, animals and the West. I see the West as a metaphor focused through the lens of “California” and “B movies” monumental rocks, sage, live oaks, tooled leather ” an’ salt and sand blowing thru a wild bikini.

I am endeavoring to recycle and re-mix various western elements (gun leather to western-tourist kitsch c.1880-1950) into decorative art pieces of strength, function and intrinsic merit.


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