Karina Puente

Oil and Pastel Paintings

Karina Puente is moved by the creativity of others, which is expressed primarily through her interest in the human form. Whether the medium is pastel, acrylic, or clay, she is confident that the work best conveys the feelings of that moment. By exploring multiple mediums she finds greater satisfaction in her ability to express herself.

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Towards the end of her eighth grade school year she began attending “Art Night” at Santa Ynez Valley High School where she began taking her artwork more seriously and experimented with paints and pastels. During her freshman year in high school, she took the first art class which taught her the beginning and basic principles of art.

Karina has twice received the National American Vision Award thru The Otis School of Design; one of 70 students selected out of 30,000. This award has never been awarded to the same recipient twice. Karina, now 21, attended the Boston Museum of Fine Art School for two years and will return in the fall of 2005.On April 21st, 2002 Karina Puente was selected as 1st place winner in the California Alliance of Art Educators 2002 Emerging Young Artists Award Competition, a statewide scholarship competition, held at Cal State Long Beach. The same weekend she also received a 1st place award from the Santa Maria Arts Council’s scholarship contest. In July 2002 she was one of 8 out of 19,000 students selected for the highest ranking in 3-D Art Advanced Placement, (high school classes above honors classes in her senior year) and will have her work displayed on a poster with the other 8 recipients of the award. Karina’s honors reflect the wide acceptance of her ability and style.

She was featured in the September 2002 issue of Southwest Art and the June/July 2003 issue of Art Talk As she looks toward the future she states, “I’d like to be working collaboratively with other artists in anything that would require my skill, but my ideal would just be for me to make art. This is definitely a lifelong journey.”


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