Betty Carr

Oil Paintings

Betty earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California Santa Cruz and a fine arts degree from San Jose State University. In the last 25 years she has taught art to all age levels, from elementary to college. Her national and international workshops sought after by amateur and professional artists. Numerous art magazines and book publishers also know Betty for her contributions as author and illustrator. A series of lecture commitments and exhibitions fills the rest of her schedule.

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Betty’s husband, Howard Carr is a well-known impressionistic artist working in oil.

Teaching art for years as she did has honed a distinctive painting style that blends a love of nature and its forms into floral displays, brilliant sunshine, bouquets and petals. “What catches my eye is the effect light has on form in unique situations whether fleeting, spilling over, striking, etc. I challenge myself in capturing its dramatic and/or subtle effects. The spontaneous qualities of watercolor lend itself perfectly to my impressionistic style of painting. I strive for confident enthusiastic brushwork, the maximizing of color’s value and intensity range and a fresh painterly approach, the result appearing effortless.”

We congratulate Betty on the release of her book Seeing The Light – An Artist’s Guide.


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