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Angie (Whitson)

Angie Whitson, M.I.B.A., known simply as Angie, is a sculptress, painter and etcher. She is most noted for her limited edition bronze sculpture and her limited edition etchings using the softground technique with aquatint.

Joe Barbieri

Drawing since childhood, Joe Barbieri took high school art classes and later studied drawing, design, and anatomy at Nassau College in New York and Northlake College in Texas. But it wasn’t until 1994 that he discovered the joy of painting and the opportunities it offered for communication.

Jannene Behl

Jannene Behl is a Pastel Artist residing in Ojai, California.  She loves painting the California landscape and says “I am happy when someone wants to walk into the painting, they say they want to be there. I enjoy paintings that make people feel good and sometimes it feels like the piece is painting itself, that makes me really happy.”

Betty Boyle

Betty Boyle has always dabbled in the arts but has only recently made it the main focus of her life. “It’s all around me; I had no choice but to get involved. It’s the ‘family business’.”

Neil Boyle

Neil was widely known for his vibrant impressionist oils. Sadly he passed in 2006. Neil’s formal education began at the Banff School of Fine Arts in Alberta, Canada. He continued his studies at Chouinard Art Institute and Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

Anne Bridge

Anne’s art career began as a fashion illustrator in the late 1970s and she soon transitioned into a successful fine artist. Though her subject matter is varied, she is especially recognized for her oil and pastel paintings of children.

Betty Carr

Betty earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California Santa Cruz and a fine arts degree from San Jose State University. She has taught art to all age levels, from elementary to college.

Howard Carr

Howard Carr is a Vietnam Veteran. After serving his country in the military, he earned an art degree at Chouinard Art School and a fine arts degree from the California College of Arts and Crafts. While honing his skills in drawing and fine art, he earned his living painting signs, doing billboards, and graphic work in Boulder, Colorado.

Vicki Catapano

Vicki Catapano is a third generation Californian, a professional artist for over 35 years, and an alumni of Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo, California. Vicki is one of the West’s most respected and collectable realists. “Many subjects tend to rise and fall in popularity, but I don’t believe Western Art will ever die,” says Vicki. “It is one of the few ways we have of preserving our Western heritage.

Eric Christensen

Eric Christensen began painting professionally in 1992. Since that time he has enjoyed amazing success and a growing reputation as a celebrated Wine Country Artist. Self-taught, he invented a watercolor technique that allows him to create images of vibrant color that go beyond the look and depth of a high quality photograph.

Bill Churchill

Realistic sculptor in wood, with emphasis on western, wildlife and Native American subjects. “Art should not destroy the natural beauty of wood, and the wood should not overpower the art.” The result: Bill’s artwork is in collections around the world and represented in eight galleries in six states.

Bob Coronato

“I used to open books and look at the “Old West” photos and see cowboys riding the open plains, and I would stop and think, “I wished I lived 100 years ago.” After going out to the very remote west, (Hulett, Wyoming where he lives and paints) and finding ranches that still “cowboy” in the old ways, I realized that the west I was searching for as a kid was still there.”

Merv Corning

Merv Corning’s interest in drawing and painting was maintained throughout his early years. But his first experience as a working artist began as an illustrator for a Bay-area drug company chain. In less than two years Corning was working as an art director for a prominent San Francisco advertising agency. Around 1949, Corning accepted a job as a men’s fashion artist for a major department store in Los Angeles.

Renault Daro

Renault Daro

Renault’s sensibilities are directly derivative of a love of trees, animals and the West.  He endeavors to recycle and re-mix various western elements into decorative art pieces of strength, function and intrinsic merit.

Nancy Davidson

Over the years Nancy Davidson has established a national reputation for her vibrant oil paintings of horses. Her work has been selected for exhibitions in numerous museums including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Redding Museum of Art, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum.

Robert Davis

Robert is a member of the Oil Painters of America and the Santa Barbara Art Association. He paints mostly from life and “en plein air.” He states, “I am drawn to reflective waters, harbor scenes, rural and mountain images… when the early morning sunlight and late afternoon shadows are constant sources of mood and light.”

Dave DeMatteo

With a warm glint in his eye and a smile that radiates his love of life, Dave DeMatteo, is at home with his craft. As a seasoned landscape and western artist, the intense beauty of the Santa Ynez Valley where he resides, becomes the reoccurring theme in his work.

Kelly D. Donovan

Award winning artist Kelly D. Donovan has had an interest in art from an early age. Growing up in western Colorado gave Donovan a strong foundation for the work he enjoys. From the time he could pick up a pencil as a young boy, Donovan has immersed himself in cowboy art.  He began showing his work in galleries at age 15 and has been an accomplished and well-known mural and sign artist for over 25 years.

Victor Dworak

Victor Dworak

Victor Dworak took many classes in jewelry design and various techniques of jewelry making, studied with a retired master jeweler, Horace Wallace and took courses at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Advanced Stonesetting and Advanced Gemology. He is a Certified Gemologist.

Eyvind Earle

Earle’s landscapes are remarkable for their suggestion of distances, landmasses and weather moods, and his watercolors of the valley are no exception. A prolific American artist, author and illustrator, Earle also created animated art. He worked for most of the 1950’s at Walt Disney Studios on their animated films and was responsible for the settings, styling, background and colors for “Sleeping Beauty”.

Lynelle Echeverria

Lynelle Echeverria is a native of California. She grew up on a ranch rich in rural experiences. Upon graduating from high school, she attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, majoring in Biological Sciences. This knowledge and lifelong love of her surrounding environment are richly depicted in her paintings.

Joe Eggert

Joe Eggert’s artwork in bronze portrays the spirit of the American West and celebrates the cowboy way of life. An avid horseman and a native of San Diego, California, Joe grew up with a passion for the West and the cultures of the American Indian. He sketched and painted in his spare time and later discovered his talent in sculpting.

Herb Fichter

Herb Fichter

Herb Fichter was born in Jamaica, Long Island, New York. As Master Engraver he was considered one of the finest living practitioners in his art form. Herb is best known for his engravings of vintage airplanes, trains, historical vignettes, and portraiture.

Victor Fisher

Victor Fisher is an artist who specializes in traditional art, with a modern flair, using bronze. Originally from Chicago, he has studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, graduated from the American Academy of Art, and Attended the Laguna School of Art in Laguna Beach, California.

Dirk Foslien

Both still life and landscape renderings incorporate expressiveness that Dirk feels is Spirit driven. His creativity reflects his faith in Christ, evident in the respect for God’s beautiful creation and gifts. His work is collected privately on the East and West Coast.

Jessica Dawn Garrett

Jessica Garrett was born in San Antonio, Texas and has been interested in art since she was a child, showing a promising talent for drawing at an early age. In 2005 she was awarded a scholarship from Scottsdale Artists’ School and took a workshop with R.A. Heichberger. She continued to study under him and by 2007 she was able to have a career in fine art.

Phillip Glashoff

Phillip Glashoff

Phillip Glashoff continues the tradition of the lifestyle he was born to on his northern California ranch. Phillip says that doing his own farming keeps him humble and grounded. His real passion also dots the landscape of the ranch, herds of steel sculpted cattle, giant banjos, and archways made of street signs.

Ted Goerschner

Ted loved the outdoors, fishing and golf, and felt incredibly blessed to live in California’s pristine Santa Ynez Valley. The area has a powerful influence, stimulating his artistic sensibility. His travels through Europe appear to chariot charismatic creativity as well. Ted was a master signature member of Oil Painters of America, and was named Oil Painter of America for the year 2001.

Marty Goldstein

Marty Goldstein

Marty Goldstein spent his childhood in San Diego, CA with one brother and two Irish Setters. A love affair began at that time with the two real puppies and all kinds of stuffed animals. This is really where our story begins.

Till Goodan

Till Goodan moved to Los Angeles in 1905 settling on a farm where he became an expert cowhand, roper and rodeo hand. He is best remembered as one of the most important cowboy illustrators of the 20th century.

Sheri Greves-Nielson

Sheri works in pencil and watercolor, gathering material from local sources, and traveling to ranches whenever possible. The subject matter is always a figure of some kind. Domestic animals, especially horses, are her favorites.

Betsy Jones

Betsy Jones is an eighth generation Californian. She enjoys painting landscapes of California’s Central Coast, featuring vineyards, hills, old farms and Victorian houses. She is also known for her wharf scenes and ocean coastlines.

Susan Kliewer

Susan Kliewer is one of the Southwest’s most acclaimed contemporary sculptors. A native of Southern California, she has made Arizona her home for 40 years. She spent five of those years at the Marble Canyon Trading Post in a remote area of Northern Arizona, adjacent to the Navajo Reservation.

Sheryl Knight

Sheryl Knight is an award winning plein air artist best known for her bold colors and expressive style. She has lived on the California Central Coast since her college days in Santa Barbara. She loves filling her paintings with the beautiful area where she lives, as well as the Sierras, the vineyards of Sonoma and Napa, and the cypress and coastal scenes of Monterey.

Mehl Lawson

Mehl Lawson is a dedicated disciple of the refined, subtle elegance of the Santa Barbara Style that inspired the creative spirits of such men as Ed Borein and Louis Ortega. He is an artist in two mediums – sculpture and horses. He is accomplished in both venues and brings to each a concentrated focus that produces horseback memories and sculptural images of pure grace and beauty.

Jean Requa Lubin

Born in California, Jean grew up in American Samoa and Juneau, Alaska, where she developed a passion for wildlife and the beauty of nature. “I was so fortunate to enjoy a childhood in such wonderfully exotic and inspiring places.” And the long-lasting influences of these far-away lands are at the heart of her artistic spirit.

Joe Mancuso

Joe is equally accomplished in oil and pastel and he is well known for his dramatic light and color. Joe celebrates the moods each season brings and he enjoys working on location to accurately see and capture the changing light.

Luigi ‘Lou’ Mariani

Lou says stone is forever lasting: a legacy to future generations. His Italian parents never encouraged him towards an art career, feeling that there was little money to be made in such pursuits. Yet, Lou has contributed to varied design ideas that are incorporated into today’s cars, beautiful handmade lutes and guitars, as well as reproductions of Gothic ornaments, and other architectural features.

Leo Monahan

With more than 35 years of experience, Leo Monahan has developed his own unique style of paper sculpture, yet has remained true to the early artistic influences in his life. As a child in the Black Hills of South Dakota, he became fascinated with Native American art and artifacts, wildlife and his environment as he was growing up. These motifs are at the core of his work today.

Richard Myer

It was a trip at age 12, as he vacationed with his family, that spurred Richard’s appreciation of the West. Indian reservations, historical ruins, and the rugged scenic beauty filled him with awe and a desire to return someday. In his youth on a family farm in Pennsylvania Richard discovered the joy of sketching, modeling clay, and carving wooden figures.

Alice Nathan

Alice is a popular impressionistic, representational painter known for her floral and landscape images as well as her figurative subjects.

Nancy Phelps

Nancy Phelps never wanted to be anything but an artist. Running and playing in the open fields and lanes as a child allowed her imagination to run free.  Never coloring within the lines established her way with life as she always pushed her limits and boundaries, leading to her first art classes where she achieved much recognition for her prized artworks.

Howard Post

Howard Post has been recognized for his unique interpretation of the American West. A third generation Arizonan, Post grew up on a ranch near Tucson. Never far from his roots, he was a champion rodeo rider at the age of 17 and continued to participate in the rodeo circuit for many years. After teaching at both the University of Arizona and Arizona State University, Post became a full time painter in the late 1970’s.

Barron Postmus

A native Californian, Barron Postmus spent several years in Hawaii before returning to school at the Los Angeles Art Center. His current work reflects the beauty of landscape with a detailed and classical technique of traditional oil on canvas.

Dee Adams Prater

From an early age Dee knew she wanted to be an artist. She considers herself self-taught with the desire to create being the driving force. She currently specializes in equine sculpture, however, she has created wildlife, children, famous comedians, religious, and numerous other sculpture subjects.

Karina Puente

Karina Puente is moved by the creativity of others, which is expressed primarily through her interest in the human form. Whether the medium is pastel, acrylic, or clay, she is confident that the work best conveys the feelings of that moment. By exploring multiple mediums she finds greater satisfaction in her ability to express herself.

Gene Register

Gene Register dramatically captures the viewer’s attention with tranquil beauty and exquisite precision. His still life images reflect warmth, combined with refined elegance. Nature portraits are revealed with a certain reverence, entwined with incredible lushness.

Elena Rezayeva

Elena Rezayeva graduated from the Saratov Art School in Russia and attended the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts. Her work has been exhibited in showcases in Belgium, France, Monaco, the United States, and Russia.

Vic Riesau

Vic Riesau has been a professional sculptor/painter for over twenty years. The major body of his work has been of the American West and he is known for his creativity in producing sculpture with great energy and emotional impact. A prolific artist, he has completed commissions for government, corporate and private clients in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Marilyn Salomon

Marilyn Salomon is a batik artist whose work is known for its intricate detail. Each piece contains from ten to twenty-five separate dye baths and sometimes more. Through her friendship and experiences with Native Americans, she is able to depict their traditions on a more intimate level in her artwork.

Laurent Schkolnyk

Laurent Schkolnyk

Laurent Schkolnyk, a Frenchman, is one of the few artists in the 20th century who mastered the technique of mezzotint, and his eye brings to it a contemporary vision.

Grace Schlesier

Grace Schlesier is passionate about painting the dichotomy of both the peace and energy she feels about her beloved West. In her paintings she strives to bring the essence of the outdoors, inside, and to communicate the joy and beauty of Nature. She feels blessed to be able to experience and paint the beauty of our world.

Robert “Shoofly” Shufelt

Christened “Shoofly” by his brother-in-law, Paul “Red River” Beer, while on the Verde Vacquero Ride in 1967, Sunflower Arizona. With immense talent and superb artistry, his work depicts the true American West, which can only come from years in the saddle as a working cowboy. Shoofly proves that a pencil can be art form in its own right. These works are dedicated to those cowboys he has had the privilege to work side by side with.

Marilyn Simandle

Taught and encouraged by her mother, a musician and painter herself, Marilyn has been painting since age 6. Her paintings assimilate the delicate touch and planning needed in watercolor, but with the boldness and finish that only oil painting can achieve.

Phil Tognazzini

The ideas for Phil’s artwork come from ranch life – gathering cattle, local brandings, and the beautiful countrywide of the Central California Coast. He enjoys not only portraying modern cowboys, but the old California vaqueros as well.

Mary Kay West

Mary Kay West is a native of Asheville, North Carolina and is the daughter of watercolorist Elizabeth Phillips.  Mary Kay began painting as a child next to her mother’s easel.  Her diverse interests have led her to express her artistic abilities in a variety of settings.

Don Weller

“My plan was to be a cowboy, but by the time I was born the open range was all chopped up by barbed wire”, says Don Weller. Don drew horses as a kid and rodeoed up through college. His career in Los Angeles included doing graphic design and illustration, which included posters for The Hollywood Bowl, covers for Time and TV Guide, and stamps for the U.S. Post Office.

Bradford J. Williams

Williams’ childhood reality was images of flat, empty plains, howling cold winters, vivid sunsets flickering on distant peaks and the kind of sharp, clean air that sometimes hurts going down. Early experiences of cattle drives, county fairs, endless vistas, the small intimate gestures that bind a hardy people together, those are the foundation of Brad’s love for the cowboy and his way of life.

Irwin Zeller

Formerly an advertising and editorial illustrator, Irwin Zeller studied under Frank Reilly and other noted instructors at the Art Students League in New York City. Zeller has utilized his talents in portraits, seascapes and murals in a variety of media, concentrating on the pastel medium in later years and was invited to be a member of the prestigious Pastel Society of America.


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