Veranda Overlooking the Lake

By Marilyn Simandle

Veranda on the Lake

30″H x 40″W (Image); 39.5″H x 49.5″W (Framed), Oil on Canvas

Marilyn Simandle

Artist Marilyn Simandle is a well-respected master of the craft of painting. She has become well known internationally through her own successful visibility campaign in major magazines and high profile exhibitions. Her choice of subject is classically realist, while allowing her own sense of color command her palette. Her work has vibrancy and light-play that is very arresting. Her use of warm and cool colors gives an electric quality to her work.

Originally a watercolor artist, Marilyn has committed herself to a new direction through her pursuit of oil painting. Her paintings assimilate the delicate touch and planning needed in watercolor, but with the boldness and finish that only oil painting can achieve.

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